Ensuring Employment Justice
The University of Cape Town Employee's Union remains strong because of its members.
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In light of the Proposed Approach to Incentivised Early Retirement or Voluntary Separation by UCT Management, we urge all non EU members to consolidate with the EU and collectively put your voice behind the EU as we engage with UCT in this regard. Our membership form can be downloaded from here.

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About Us

The UCT Employees Union (UCTEU) is the largest staff representative body at the University of Cape. It is a duly registered Trade Union in terms of  Section 96 (1) Labour Relations Amendment Act, No 12 of 2002 of the Republic of South Africa. It is the recognised bargaining unit for Pay Classes 6 to 12. However, the UCTEU also represents members from Pay Classes 1  to 13 - as well as academics -  in work-related matters.

To this end we participate in many forums and perform a large number of activities.

What are the aims of the UCTEU?

  • To protect the rights and interests of our member, and to foster an environment of unity amongst employees of the University.
  • To bargain at all levels within the University on issues which are relevant to the working life of our members.
  • To critically examine the role of institutions of higher education in a changing society in an effort to promote the equitable and fullest utilisation of the resources of these institutions.
  • To promote the efficient functioning of the University by assisting those who wish to do so in accordance with the values enshrined in the South African Constitution and legislation governing labour relations and the Higher Education.
  • To promote critical thinking and education; defend academic freedom and autonomy.