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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

for UCT Employees Union (UCTEU) 

Office Bearers, Officials, employees and members

1 Purpose of this code

The continued success of this Union is largely dependent on the successes we achieve and the impression we make when representing our members in the workplace. This impression is determined by the perceptions of the people who encounter Union members, its executive and administrative staff. This code of conduct provides guidelines of expected behaviour, attitude and actions for the union’s office bearers, officials, employees and union members in good standing. 

A breach of this code of conduct may, after due process, result in an office bearer losing his/her official status. Depending on the severity of the conduct, such an office bearer may also face expulsion from the union. Similarly, any ordinary union's membership may be subject to termination in cases of gross misconduct as defined by this code.

2 Code of conduct for Office bearers, Officials and union employees

Office bearers, officials and union employees are expected to:

2.1 Make themselves readily available to members and other executive members when required.

2.2 Provide fair and vigorous representation of members in any negotiations and consultations as well as before, during and after disciplinary and grievances hearings.

2.3 Ensure that the Union is managed in accordance with its constitution and sound corporate governance practices.

2.4 Keep confidential all matters discussed within the Executive committee, or between Executive committee members, and only communicate any such information to persons authorised to receive such, by the Executive committee.

2.5 Keep confidential all information about and provided by members, as well as all information in respect of individual and group cases. Exception to this is only permissible if, to fairly represent members, such information is shared with other Executive members, management or authorised third parties.

2.6 Always act in a professional and ethical manner

2.7 Apply their knowledge and skills to the best of their ability and, where such knowledge and skill is lacking, to take active steps to inform themselves appropriately on the matter, principles or skills required.

2.8 Attend all union meetings, including executive meetings, consultative, negotiation, training and members meetings.

2.9 Deal honestly, ethically and frankly with members' queries and cases.

2.10 Act only in accordance with the mandate of members and the executive committee.

2.11 Act in their capacity of office bearer, official or employee only on behalf of Union members in good standing.

2.12 Foster an environment of mutual respect amongst members, and colleagues.

2.13 Promote the registration of new members irrespective of their race, gender, religion 

2.14 Refrain from any unfair discrimination in terms of Section 9 of the South African Constitution.

3 Code of conduct for union members

An UCTEU (University of Cape Town Employees Union) member is expected to:

3.1 Make timely payment of union subscriptions

3.2 Abide by the terms and processes of the union constitution.

3.3 Provide office bearers, officials and union employees with the necessary authority to act as their representatives in any matters of negotiation, consultation, grievance or discipline.

3.4 Keep confidential all matter relating to the union's operation and its strategies, save when authorised by the office bearers to communicate such.

3.5 Be honest and open in dealing with the union office bearers, officials and union employees.

3.6 Be prepared to stand firm and express solidarity when the majority of member approve a certain course of action or principle.

3.7 Foster an environment of mutual respect between all members, office bearers, officials and union employees.

3.8 Be prepared to provide mandates to the office bearers and officials in order for them to fairly represent your interests.

3.9 Attend and participate in union general meetings and activities.

3.10 Encourage an environment that is free of any unfair discrimination (see 2.14)

3.11 Provide loyalty through continuity of membership and by supporting any statements representing support of members' rights and interests.

3.12 Follow union procedures for resolving internal conflict, grievance and disciplinary matters.

3.13 Abide by agreements concluded with the University.

3.14 Communicate with the Union office bearers and officials on any activity that involved change in the workplace – whether  such change is considered  fair or unfair.