In light of the Proposed Approach to Incentivised Early Retirement or Voluntary Separation by UCT Management, we urge all non EU members to consolidate with the EU and collectively put your voice behind the EU as we engage with UCT in this regard. Our membership form can be downloaded from here.

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The South African Universities Staff Network for Transformation (SAUSNeT) was formed on 20 November 2016 in response to the continuing crisis in higher education and to include the voices of academic and support staff in the broader consultative processes towards the realization of alternative peaceful solutions to disruption at and destruction of universities.

SAUSnet is a network of individual academics, academic support, administrative and support staff, as well as representation from labour and academic/support staff unions, professional associations, communities of practice, etc.

The guiding principles of SAUSnet are: 

  1. Zero tolerance to Racism: universities have unevenly confronted the structural, behavioral and unconscious racism within these spaces. We will be guided by a firm commitment to address racialised legacies and unjust practices at our universities by drawing on anti-racism, black consciousness and radical non-racialism to ensure zero racism takes root.
  2. Non-violence: rejects all forms of institutional and overt violence (including state violence) within political action and engagement, while affirming democratic, dialogical and peaceful means to address problems.
  3. Democracy: as an affirmation of conditions, institutions and practices that affirm majoritarian people’s power and the South African constitution.
  4. Equality: recognises that human beings are entitled to resources, dignity, a sense of belonging, opportunities and rights that ensure a just existence and that decolonisation of institutions and the ownership of material and intellectual resources is an imperative to ensure knowledge production for an equalising society.
  5. Ecological justice: seeks to protect natural resources and eco-systems for present and future generations, while limiting the eco-cidal logic of corporate driven societies.

Recognizing the interconnectedness between the crises at universities and broader South African society, SAUSnet aims to champion:

  • Fiscal justice and institutional autonomy
  • Participatory governance
  • Decoloniality
  • Information for all
  • Eco-transformation

We believe that universities are a national asset and must be protected by engaging every member of the university community. Together, we must ensure a meaningful, transformed and relevant academic project in South Africa.