In light of the Proposed Approach to Incentivised Early Retirement or Voluntary Separation by UCT Management, we urge all non EU members to consolidate with the EU and collectively put your voice behind the EU as we engage with UCT in this regard. Our membership form can be downloaded from here.

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Our Aims

The aims of the UCTEU are:

  1. To protect the rights and interests of its members and to foster an environment of unity amongst employees of the University.
  2. To bargain at all levels within the University on issues that are relevant to the working life of the union members.
  3. To critically examine the role of the institutions of tertiary education in a changing society in an effort to promote the equitable and fullest utilisation of the resources of these institutions.
  4. To promote the efficient functioning of the University, and to assist those who also wish to so do in accordance with: - our values; and - the values enshrined in the Bill of Rights of the South African Constitution; and - the principles of equity, non-discrimination and fair labour practices contained in labour legislation; and - the legislation covering the governance of higher education institutions.