In light of the Proposed Approach to Incentivised Early Retirement or Voluntary Separation by UCT Management, we urge all non EU members to consolidate with the EU and collectively put your voice behind the EU as we engage with UCT in this regard. Our membership form can be downloaded from here.

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Our Objectives

  • To foster a sense of unity among employees of the University of Cape Town;
  • To regulate relations between its members and UCT and to protect and further the interests and rights of its members in relation to their employment relationships with UCT;
  • To promote the interests and rights of its members;
  • To represent the interests and rights of any of its members in any grievance, discipline, conciliation, mediation, arbitration or legal process initiated for the settlement of any dispute that may exist between it, or any of its members, and UCT;
  • To promote, support or oppose as may be deemed expedient, any proposed legislative or other regulatory measures affecting the rights or interests of members;
  • To use every legitimate means to induce all persons who are eligible for membership to become members;
  • To provide, when deemed necessary by the Executive Committee, legal or other advisory assistance to its members where such is in connection with their employment relationship with UCT;
  • To co-operate with any other organisations of employers and/or employees on any Bargaining Council or similar body which may be established to deal with matters which may affect the employment rights and interests members;
  • To establish and administer funds for the benefit of its members;
  • To represent the views, rights and interests of members at any meetings held with representatives of the governing or other management bodies of UCT whether such be for the purpose negotiation or consultation or for any other reason;
  • To do such lawful things as may appear to be in the interests of The Union or its members and which are not inconsistent with the objects or any matter specifically provided for in our Union constitution or in any of the labour laws of South Africa;
  • To govern and operate its affairs in accordance with the spirit and provisions of the Labour Relations Act.